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Arizona Travel

Photographing Antelope Canyon, Arizona, Part One.

Story and Photos by Lee Daley.    Arizona’s slot canyons have long held a fascination for me. Especially notable for their beauty are the Antelope Canyons, both Upper and lower, located near Page, Arizona on the land of the Navajo Nation.  Formed over millennia by flash floods that eroded the Navajo Sandstone, the canyons are easily accessible and considered the most visited and photographed of the Southwest’s slot canyons. Antelope Canyon is actually two separate canyons, Upper Antelope called “The Crack: and Lower Antelope, known as “The Corkscrew.”

Photographing Antelope Canyon, Arizona, Part Two.

Story and Photos by Lee Daley.    One of the important elements in any photography travel adventure, including slot canyons like Antelope Canyon in Arizona, is the preparation done at home before the trip.  Prior to departure, I received a packet describing the workshop and what I could expect during the trip. One of the high points for me was the assurance of a small group of no more than eight participants. The packet included a list of suggested equipment for film and digital photographers with tips for making the trip a success.  I have included a list of suggested equipment below.