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In Kauai, a bumper crop of food trucks

In Kauai, a bumper crop of food trucks, rainbow over the ocean, beach combing on Kauai's north shoreStory and Photos by Lee Daley.    The Hawaiian island of Kauai serves up cuisine that is both hot and cool. Hot as in haute and cool as in food trucks. Any stay on the Garden Isle offers a cornucopia of dining choices and so, on a recent visit, I went exploring for both haute and cool. My first priority was to find that special food truck, that secret find, where very fine island food could be had for a fair price  As it turned out, I lucked into two that spoke of authenticity and distinct island flavor. For my culinary caper in paradise, I signed up for a food tour with a mom and pop outfit, Tasting Kauai, run by food writer Marta Lane and her photographer hubby, Daniel. The food loving duo host culinary tours throughout the island with an emphasis on local, natural and delicious. Here’s my take on the food truck, mom and pop eatery scene, on Kauai’s North Shore.

Romantic Kauai, Hawaii’s Garden Isle

Romantic Kaui, Hawaii's Garden Isla, Kauai beachStory and Photos by Lee Daley.     More than five million years ago, Mother Nature swept over the Pacific Ocean and in a burst of hormonal ecstasy. created the first of the Hawaiian Islands, that green pearl of paradise called Kauai. Caressed by warm tropical breezes, Kauai’s idyllic beaches and its ageless, majestic canyons and cliffs seem tailor-made for lovers. The island is small enough to explore over a long weekend while still leaving space for coveted cuddle time. Locals cherish the beauty and serenity of Kauai; that feeling of calm and kindness permeates the island, setting the stage for romance.

Hawaii: Seeing Oahu through a Photographer’s Eyes

Story and Photos by Lee Daley.     If you’ve spent time on the island paradise of Oahu, you’ve most likely been to Waikiki and even Diamond Head. Beyond these classic beauties lies a world of hidden beaches, secret waterfalls and dramatic overlooks. Spending a day on Oahu with a local photographer familiar with little known native favorites affords the opportunity to capture dramatic scenes not typically seen by visitors. Not only that, you will find having your own photographic instructor by your side pretty much assures you will take home cherished photos depicting the essence of the island’s beauty.

Chef Greg Gaspar, Sheraton Maui

fine dining MauiStory and Photos by Lee Daley.     I talked recently with Chef Greg Gaspar at the Sheraton Maui Resort to ask him about his early introduction to cooking and the influences that have defined his culinary philosophy. We sat oceanside at Sheraton’s Cliff Dive Grill with its stunning view of Black Rock and Ka’anapali Beach. Born and raised in San Francisco, Gaspar traveled to Maui as a young man and, within two weeks, decided to make the island his home. Today, he leads the distinguished dining program at the Sheraton Maui with its two signature restaurants, Teppan-yaki Dan and Black Rock Kitchen, as well as two poolside restaurants and bars – the Cliff Dive Grill and the Mai Tai Bar.

Kauai for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

 Story by Lee Daley with Photos by John Sundsmo and Lee Daley.     Escape to Kauai for Valentine’s Day, to an island where love reigns supreme. Caressed by warm tropical breezes, idyllic beaches, majestic canyons and cliffs and most of all, an incredibly warm Aloha spirit, Kauai embraces lovers like no other isle. One of my favorite Hawaiian myths tells us when Mother Nature swept over the Pacific Ocean in a burst of hormonal ecstasy more than 500 million years ago, she created that green pearl of love called Kauai and made it into a paradise for lovers. The island is small enough to explore over a long weekend while still leaving space for coveted cuddle time.